Harju 6, Tallinn

We are located in Tallinn Business Center ground floor, entrance from Rüütli street.
See the map.


Phone: +372 6 310 575

Email: info@xclub.ee

Administrator (10.00 –06.00) +372 6 310 575
Fax +372 6 310 574
Marketing and advertising +372 6 310 575 info@xclub.ee
Manager +372 6 310 575 info@xclub.ee

VIP card:

The VIP card is personal and offers next opportunities: free entrance for the card owner and his/her three friends; 10% discount on all drinks in the bar. VIP card owners are  getting special offer on show events by e-mail. Additional information you could request on info@xcub.ee

Rules of the club:

taking pictures is not allowed
no touching
we have the right to choose our clients – persons, who are too drunk or behave
agressively are not welcomed.