Topless dans i Show-salen. I salen rymms över 40 personer. Topklass dansare, som alltid dansar ända tills morgonen, och som erövrar era sinnen tillsammans med pikant musik och ljuseffekt, som inte lämnar någon oberörd.

Oriental hall

Oriental hall is the blend of Arabic and Asian cultures. The room is divided into tented areas where you can sit and watch superb professional belly dancing by dancers who are masters at the art of Middle Eastern and Indian floor dancing.

To complete the atmosphere and get the oriental feeling, you can smoke the waterpipe, sip special teas and reward your gustation with oriental snacks.

Cigar Lounge

Our Cigar Lounge is a richly decorated room with a private entrance. The lounge features numerous ways to enjoy your cigar to match your mood. Relax on a leather couch while our staff cuts and lights your cigar.