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Welcome to striptease club, lap dancing and stag weekends in Tallinn!

The X Club is a gentlemen’s strip club located in an ancient building in the very heart of Tallinn. A special feature of the club’s interior design is the restored walls of the moat built in the XVI century. The stylish decoration and the luxury furnishing make the club an excellent place for relaxation and enjoyment of the shows by beautiful dancers.

Strip club in Tallinn

The striptease X Club in Tallinn has a karaoke room where different parties and events can be held. Guests may enjoy nightlife with sexy lap dances in our private rooms without anyone else watching.

Clubs administrator
+372 6 310 575

+372 6 310 575

We are open everyday
21:00 – 06:00

Discounts for regular customers

Up to 20% discount on alcohol

Discount coupon for entry to our strip club

We have 2 halls

1. Show hall

In show hall you can watch our beautiful topless dancers to perform for you until the early hours of the morning. See the costume-shows, have a little chat with the girls and enjoy your evening in best stripteas club in Tallinn! Also here you can arrange a stag!

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2. Karaoke hall

We are proud to present Karaoke Hall in our Gentleman club!
There are about 50 000 songs in more than ten different languages you can choose of. It is the perfect chance to be the star of the night – you will be supported by high-quality soundsystem, dashing visuals, cheering audience and cozy but luxurious milieu. Experience the fusion of luxury and fun, making XClub a unique strip club in Tallinn.

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You can watch 4 shows in our strip club

1. Casanova show

Step into the opulent world of Venetian aristocracy with our Casanova Show. This show is a celebration of luxury, charm, and sensuality, embodying the spirit of the infamous lover, Casanova.

As you enter, you’ll find the atmosphere filled with the essence of Tallinn’s erotic history, where every detail, from the sumptuous costumes to the sultry movements of our dancers, is designed to tantalize and intrigue.

Here, in one of the most renowned strip clubs in Estonia, guests are invited to indulge in a narrative of romance and seduction, making it an ideal experience for those seeking a unique strip dance performance.

The dancers, adorned in exquisite Venetian attire, perform with grace and allure, ensuring that the Casanova Show at our Tallinn strip club remains an unforgettable highlight of your night.

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2. Bizarre show

The Bizarre Show at XClub is not just a performance; it’s an adventure into a realm of fantasy and excitement of nightlife in Tallinn.

Set in a room designed to mimic a medieval torture chamber, this show offers a blend of historical intrigue and modern striptease artistry.

The performers, skilled in the art of stripping dance, take you on a journey back in time, creating an atmosphere that’s both thrilling and seductively eerie. This show is a testament to the diverse offerings of strip clubs in Tallinn, where history and fantasy merge to provide a unique entertainment experience.

The Marquis de Sade’s Bizarre Show is perfect for those who crave a walk on the wild side, with its daring performances and captivating ambiance making it a standout amongst Tallinn’s strip clubs.

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3. Watershow

The Watershow at X Club is a symphony of beauty, grace, and sensuality. It’s a performance where the fragility and delicacy of beauty are celebrated through the interplay of light, water, and the human form.

This show stands out in the realm of Tallinn strip bars, offering a unique and mesmerizing experience. As soft music plays, the audience is transported to a world of wonders, where our talented dancers perform amidst shimmering bubbles and glistening water droplets.

The Watershow is a testament to the innovative spirit of strip clubs in Estonia, where traditional striptease is elevated into an art form. Each movement of the dancer is choreographed to capture the essence of water – fluid, graceful, and enchanting.

This show is a perfect choice for those seeking a serene yet sensual experience in a Tallinn stripper club.

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4. Private show

The Private Pole Dance at X Club offers a personal and intimate strip dance experience.

In our cozy private rooms, guests can select a dancer to perform a bespoke pole dance show. This is where individual fantasies come to life, as our skilled dancers combine the art of striptease with the athleticism and grace of pole dancing. Each performance is tailored to the preferences of our guests, making it a truly unique offering amongst strip clubs near me in Tallinn.

The private setting ensures an exclusive and discreet experience, ideal for those seeking a personal connection and a customized show.

It’s a highlight for anyone looking for a private lap dance or an up-close pole dance in Tallinn.

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Additional services

limousine with topless girls

Limousine with topless girls

Limousine trip(60min) with Xclub Topless Dancers.

strip dance master class

Strip Dance Master Class

Xclub offer strip dance traininings with club teacher.

strip poker

Strip Poker

The game of poker, where the rate – your clothes, and (most interesting) – Clothing girls from the club.

dinner show


Shows for different events in the bar / restaurant / club.

mens erotic show

Men’s Erotic show

X Club offers a charming and willing male erotic show. Usually takes place in a private room Casanova.

bachelor party

Bachelor party

Groom’s last night of freedom with an unforgettable bachelor party

bachelorette party

Bachelorette party

Our club offers the ultimate bachelorette party experience with unique and exciting activities that will make your night unforgettable.

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Birthday party

Xclub offers the perfect setting for a memorable celebration with a range of exciting activities and luxurious amenities.


Company party

Xclub is the perfect venue for your corporate event, offering a range of exciting activities and luxurious amenities to ensure an unforgettable celebration.

Rules of the stripclub:

  1. Any kind of physical contact with dancers during the show is forbidden. The guests are supposed to enjoy the show only by watching it.
  2. To make sure that everyone has a good view of the stage the guests are kindly requested to take a comfortable position on the sofa and remain there throughout the show.
  3. The guests are kindly asked not to exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses with the dancers.
  4. A dancer is free to decide whether she is willing to perform a private dance for a guest. A guest wishing to order a private dance from a specific dancer should make an appropriate polite request to the dancer.
  5. Rude behaviour that disturbs other guests, e.g. yelling, using foul language, is not allowed.
  6. To ensure privacy of our employees and guests, no photos or videos are allowed.

Why XClub is the premier choice for a Strip Club in Tallinn?

  1. Centrally Located: Easy access for those searching for a strip club near me in Tallinn.
  2. Diverse Entertainment: From erotic Tallinn themed shows to private lap dances, we cater to all preferences.
  3. Quality and Comfort: Our luxurious setting ensures a comfortable and high-class experience.

Join us at XClub, where history, luxury, and sensuality meet. Whether you’re in search of a strip club in Estonia, a striptease club, or a lap dance in Tallinn, X Club offers an experience that transcends the ordinary. Visit us for a night of unforgettable entertainment and indulgence!